August 23, 2019
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AEW live streaming and TV broadcasters in India, USA, Canada and UK

Ever since WCW stopped functioning and TNA didn’t rise to the competing level, World Wrestling Federation(WWE) has established its legacy in the world of professional wrestling. However, with the formation of wrestling promoters All Elite Wrestling(AEW) in 2019, a new challenger has emerged for the WWE.

AEW is owned by Pakistani origin businessman Shahid Khan, with former WWE fame Cody Rhodes as the vice President of the company.

The wrestling promoters made a buzz when former WWE superstar Dean Ambrose changed his gimmick to Jon Moxley and arrived to Double or Nothing pay-per-view where he beat the hell out of Kenny Omega, Chris Jericho and the referee of the match. The signings of former WWE stars like- Neville, Goldust(Dustin Rhodes), Chris Jericho and Cody Rhodes have garnered more fame for the wrestling promotes. They have also signed former WWE referee Earl Hebner, former WWE commentator Jim Ross and former WWE ring announcer Justin Roberts.

With declining TV ratings of WWE, wrestling fans have an opportunity to switch favours and turn their attention towards AEW. If you are looking for live streaming or TV broadcast details of AEW, then you are at the right place.

Streaming and TV broadcast details of AEW

AEW has not yet confirmed a TV deal in North America itself but it will a turner network. In India, there is no talks about any TV deal but expect it to happen very soon if TV ratings of WWE continue to decline.

In United States of America(USA): The live streaming of the show will be available on AEW Youtube channel and Bleacher Report Live. The PPV events will be covered by DirecTV and Dish for a sum of $49.99. To stream the PPV’s on desktop, mobile or other devices, you need to switch to B/R live for  $49.99.

In Canada: Bleacher report live will telecast the events live. For the PPV’s, you have to pay a sum of $49.99. You can also watch the event on Fite TV for the same price.

In United Kingdom: ITV box office will cover the event and you have to order it via Sky, Virgin Media or tvplayer for a sum of £14.95. To stream the PPV’s on desktop, mobile or other devices, you need to switch to Kite TV for a sum of £14.95.

If you are from any other country including India, you can switch to VPN services to watch AEW.


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