June 25, 2022
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Cricket: A Quick Guide with safety measure of betting

The IPL has started and every year many people try their luck in betting, for a beginner it is really difficult to know how to start betting and earn rewards. So, in this article, we will guide you about cricket.

First of all, you have to know what cricket and cricket betting is

Cricket is a game and national game of England, this is quite a popular game in the world so many people try their luck in cricket betting, this betting is based on the outcomes of matches like who will win the series or who will win today. If your prediction is that which country will win and that country actually wins then you will get rewards.

What is the main tournament of cricket?

First of all, you have to know what the main tournament in which betting takes place is. It’s T20 – in which only 20 over games, One day international (ODI), world cup after every four years, test match – 5 days and most famous Indian premier league.

Right now the IPL is running and many people are involved in ipl cricket betting. You just have to know the today ipl betting rate of the team and you have to predict who will win.

The next question is which cities are doing gambling in the cricket match.

It is the capital of India and also higher in percentage with 8.29, the second number is Dubai with 8 percent after it Mumbai 7%, London 4%, Jaipur is also 4.81 after Hyderabad and so on, most probably online gambling held in India only. For the punters, it is just a kind of investment.

If the betting is running mostly in India so is it legal?

These games are based on skills, if we talk about the skill games horse racing or rummy these are skilled games so it is legal in India.

The game of chances is the game of prediction so it is illegal, so cricket betting is also known as the games of chances so it is an illegal game.

In Bangladesh and Pakistan it is also illegal only in countries like South Africa and the UK it’s legal.

So if cricket betting is illegal in India then how can you play, with the safety tips you can enjoy this game and also can earn rewards.


So you may think about how to be safe while betting in Cricket?

When you are trying to play this quick game then you have to know about its safety measures, especially when it’s India vs. Pakistan.

  • First of all, always play this game online. You can use betway, 10cric, and 1xbet. These are some websites for games. The process of opening, deposit and withdrawal is the same in these three sites.
  • For financial transactions use Neteller or bitcoin. Keep this point in mind that never use your bank account for betting.
  • One more thing never bet in your near place like locality, bookies or offline, etc.


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