August 24, 2019
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Four instances when cricketers survived terrorist attacks

Terrorism has taken many lives in the recent while and top countries of the world are in process of eradicating terrorism in order to establish peace on the planet. Despite of the vast scale efforts, terrorist group are still attacking the innocent people and even gentlemen’s game- cricket could not be spared. Here’s a look at top four instances when cricketers escaped terrorist attacks.

4- Christchurch mosque shooting

In the recent happening, a group of terrorist attacked two mosques in the busy town of Christchurch on 15th March, 2019. Bangladesh cricket team who are on a full fledged tour to New Zealand, were about to enter the mosque to offer Friday prayers to the almighty before the authorities informed them about the shooters who were present in the mosque.

The players rushed to the Hagley Oval from the deadly spot via the Hagley park and later their bus took them back to their hotel. The third test between the two countries was called-off after the unfortunate happening that killed 50+ people.


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