August 18, 2022
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Everyone should know about these greatest Chess players of all time.

Top 5 Greatest chess player in the world-

The debate on the Greatest chess player in the world is allready getting heated up. People often consider modern players to be more stronger competitor than the old ones. They say that historical greats can not compete with players like Carlsen or Anand who have access to tons of books, opening databases, learning methods, forums. However, other half of people also reckon those historical greats to possess their own style of play that may prove lethal for the modern players, who stick to copy book style of play. Considering accomplishments, records, longevity and domination, here’s the list of Top 5 Greatest chess player in the world.

5: Magnus Carlsen

Carlsen has been an exceptional tournament player for quite some time. His first major tournament victory came back in 2008 – a joint win by Aroinan in Corus Chess Tournament 2008. During 2008 and 2009 he played with “mixed success”, winning some tournaments and coming second or worse in others. He is often called modern masters of Chess because everyone else before him was playing for an opening advantage, memorizing thousands of lines of opening theory. Carlsen simply gives his opponent an equal position, and outplays them strategically. He can play the most drawish endgame that a draw could draw, and he wins somehow. He beats his opponent out of pure stubbornness, and this has made him world champion.

People often considered him too young to be called the greatest chess player in the world, but he has conquered it all. He has achieved highest rating of all time, won numerous super Grand Masters Tournaments. He is current World Champion and already defended it twice. The Norwegian also possess the ability to find wins at the crucial time.

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