June 4, 2020
Cricket News

ICC issues guidelines to restart cricket after coronavirus effect is neutralized

ICC issues guidelines to restart cricket after coronavirus effect is neutralized

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has issued a guideline to resume cricket worldwide after the outbreak of Corona virus is all but over. Now under this, domestic cricketers and international players will be able to do other work during practice, travel and games.

The ICC has divided this guideline into four rounds. In the first round, the players have to start training alone. After this, a group of three players will practice in the second round. In the third round, small groups or teams will be able to train with their coaches. In the fourth and last stage, teams will be able to play matches with their entire squad, but they will have to take care of social distancing.

14 day camp and appointment of medical officer

Along with this, the guidelines recommended all cricket boards to undergo health check-up, temperature check and Covid-19 test as well as a 14-day separate practice camp before the match. It has also been asked to consider the appointment of the Medical Officer and Biosafety Officer, who will take responsibility of the Biosafety Scheme for implementing government regulations issued by the country concerned and to resume training and competition.

When will cricket start?

There is no mentioning of the same in the entire guidelines as the coronavirus epidemic continues to wreck havoc and has allready stopped cricket action for over 2 months. These guidelines provide a framework with practical suggestions on which cricket can return to the field again without security and risk. A cricket committee led by Anil Kumble has already recommended a ban on the use of spit or saliva on the ball in a meeting with ICC. Its worth mentioning that this deadly disease has spread across the world and has made 50 lakh people a victim. Cases in India continues to surge with every passing day as the lockdown 4.0 continues to be in force.

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