July 5, 2022
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Imran Khan close to divorcing his 3rd wife Bushra Maneka

Imran Khan close to divorcing his 3rd wife Bushra Maneka

Pakistan’s former fast bowler Imran Khan might have taken hat-trick on the field, but in the meantime, there is a possibility of hat-trick of divorce in his life. The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf Party president, a few months ago, had a third marriage with Bushra Maneka aka Pinki Pir, a religious teacher and astrologer from Pakistan, but it is being said that Bushra has accused him of domestic violence.

It is being told that the fight between the two is related to the son born from the first marriage of Bushra, in fact, before marrying Bushra, Imran had stipulated that the children born from Bushra’s first marriage will not stay with her for more than a month. But disobeying the orders one of Bushra’s son stayed for a longer period of time which irked Khan.

It was reported that Khan married Maneka, as the spiritual healer can be beneficiary for his dream of being the PM of Pakistan. However, opposite to it, there have been no such signs as yet. Maneka considered the presence of dogs at Imran’s place, an interruption in her religious activities, which became a reason for their expulsion from the home.

Another mien, which gives assurance to the rumoured dispute is that those pet dogs, which had earlier been expelled from his house on the order of Bushra Maneka, have returned back and were now seen wandering around the house.

Although Bushra has not quoted anything related to divorce. It is worth noting that such an incident has not happened with Imran for the first time, even before this, he has also fought with his second wife, Rehman Khan, when the children born from Rehman’s ex-marriage stayed for longer period of time at his home. The news of Imran’s third wife leaving the house is facing too much condemnation in Pakistan.

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