August 14, 2022
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India’s pistol shooter Heena Sidhu is not happy with her visit to Ranthambore National Park

India's pistol shooter Heena Sidhu is not happy with her visit to Ranthambore National Park

India’s ace pistol shooter Heena Sidhu is not happy with the guides and tourists of Ranthambore National park. In case you dont know, Ranthambore National park is the fortieth largest national park in North India. The wildlife sanctuary is well known for Bengal tigers, and was declared one of the Project Tiger reserves by Indian Government in 1973.

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Like other visitors, Heena visited the sanctuary to get a sneak peak at the tigers. However the attitude of guides and non-cautious behaviour of tourists was not entertained by the former world no. 1 shooter. She wrote on her twitter account “My visit to Ranthambore National park left me disappointed to see the behaviour of the guides n tourists, their utter disrespect towards the jungle n animals. They shout and scream, tourists get off the jeeps mere 25 feet from the tiger while the guides are busy fighting

The careless attitude of the visitors by swaying near the tiger may prove to be life threatening for any human. Heena further writes ” I actually saw humans behaving worse than animals in ranthambore national park. I would like to report this behaviour of the guides and tourists. I have enough videos of the guides and tourists breaking rules. @ranthamborepark #ProjectTiger”

A message of distress coming from an influential personality may open up the eyes of the sanctuary or the Rajasthan Government, before any serious incident takes place. A tiger is twice as powerful in his own habitat and no one should challenge his consolidation in the jungle.

She also tweeted the image of tigers.

  Not to forget, Heena Sidhu is one of the experienced shooters in India’s shooting contingent at the 2018 Commonwealth Games and one of the country’s best bets for a gold medal. She will also represent India in the Asian Games 2018. The 28 years old, Arjuna Awardee shooter has enjoyed immense success at International level and is all set for glory in 2018.

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