August 14, 2020
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IPL Final 2020 to take place on this date, no double headers this season

IPL Final 2020 to take place on this date, no double headers this season

The build to the IPL 2020 started with a short auction in December, where Pat Cummins was the highlight with a price tag of massive 15.5 crore rupees, making him the second most paid cricketer in IPL after Indian captain Virat Kohli. IPL governing council announced that this year’s tournament will kickstart from 29th March but the full schedule was not announced.

However, close sources have revealed that IPL 2020 final is schedule on 24th May and will span for a period of 57 days. Earlier, it was learned that broadcasters were not happy with double headers and the evening games starting from 8 PM. The governing council put their interest into consideration and this year’s matches are expected to start from 7.30 PM and the double headers will just be history.

“While the full schedule isn’t ready yet, the final is set to be played on May 24 and with the tournament starting on March 29, you obviously get a longer window than say 45 days. So, there should be no issue in accommodating one game a day. In fact, it should be a walk in the park for those chalking out how matches will be played over 57 days,” the source said as quoted by the Times of India.

IPL 2020 games to start at 7.30 PM

The evening games finished in the mid night last season, which would have certainly decreased the viewership. This prompted the broadcasters to ask BCCI and governing council to start the games from 7 PM this season.

See, TRP is an issue for sure, but let us not just put it on that as you can for yourself go back and see how late the games finished last season. Even for those coming into the stadium, it was quite an issue going back home after the game. While it is being discussed, but looks like we may start at 7.30 p.m. this edition onwards.

The source added, “If you are living in a metro, you do know the kind of traffic issues there is say in Delhi, Mumbai or Bengaluru. Do you seriously believe that it is possible for people to leave the office at around 6 p.m. and then come into the stadium with their families by the time the game gets underway? This is an area that needs to be taken into consideration before changing the timing of the game,” the sources noted.

No double headers in IPL 2020

There have been instances where franchises have failed to fill the stadium in the afternoon games as the heat becomes a big issue for the spectators.

“Do you believe that it is just the broadcasters who have a problem? Let us be real. Even franchises have a problem filling the stands for the afternoon games. So, it is best that we do away with the afternoon games and focus on one game a day,” the source explained.

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