May 29, 2022
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Jasprit Bumrah’s career in danger, strength has become his biggest weakness

Jasprit Bumrah's career in danger, strength has become his biggest weakness

The main reason for the success of Jasprit Bumrah, who has created panic in the world with his unorthodox bowling action, may prove to be a threat for his career. If Bumrah has got success in all formats of cricket, its all because of his action that takes the batsman by surprise. But according to 1983 world cup winning skipper Kapil Dev, this action of the Gujarat pacer may become a reason for the end of his career.

Kapil Dev believes that Bumrah’s bowling action invites injury. In an interview to Sports Star, Kapil Dev said that this fast bowler delivers regularly at a speed of 140 kilometer per hour, but a pacer not taking long run may be invite injuries.

“Take the example of Bishan Bedi. He was a body bowler, not an arm bowler like most spinners or wrist bowlers. He was technically the best spin bowler because he bowled with the body. Look at Gavaskar as a batsman — technically flawless. Even today, at 70, give him a bat and he will come out technically very sound. But if a batsman is an ‘eye player’ he is more enjoyable to watch. Like Virender Sehwag, (GR) Viswanath. Take Sachin Tendulkar. He could have played for another five years because he was technically sound,” Kapil told Sportstar.

Bumrah’s bowling action puts more pressure on his leg and lower back, and Kapil Dev allready made a prediction that Bumrah will quickly invite injury when he was in the initial stages of his career. Not to forget, Bumrah made his India debut in the T20 series against Australia in January 2016.

Its worth mentioning that after the World Cup, Bumrah has featured in only three matches. He once took to the field for a test against West Indies A and then for the two matches test series against West Indies.

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