July 15, 2020
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Mandy Rose opens up on how her real life boyfriend feels about Otis storyline in WWE

Mandy Rose opens up on how her real life boyfriend feels about Otis storyline in WWE

WWE was trying to build a sweet relationship between Otis of Heavy Machinery and Mandy Rose of Fire and Desire when Rose started to bump into Otis on several occasions. Rose started to find Otis cute and asked him out on a date on valentines day. However, Dolph Ziggler arrived earlier and he got a date with Rose on 14th February.

A dejected Otis stepped back and asked why he was rejected on the valentines day to Mandy on an episode of SmackDown. She replied back by saying that he was late and that’s why she shared the table with Ziggler. On another episode of SmackDown, a mysterious hacker emerged and showed the clip where Sonya Deville texted Otis to come late on valentine’s day, while Mandy Rose was not present in her locker room.

After the truth was revealed, an angry Rose left the arena and later helped Otis defeat Ziggler at Wrestlemania 36 after she hit a low blow to the former Intercontinental champion. Otis took the win and celebrated with the girl.

Mandy Rose talks about her on screen relationship with Otis

Mandy Rose has not been vocal about her personal life very often. People are also not aware of the fact that Rose also has a real life boyfriend who is secure about her girl’s on screen love with Otis.

“Otis always was around in NXT and posting pics of me and talking about how much he liked me. In a cute way, not a creepy way. This continued on and I thought it would be great if this became a storyline, especially once Otis entered WrestleMania. I actually went to Vince McMahon myself and pitched the idea and he loved it,” Mandy told tvserieshub.tv.

“My boyfriend doesn’t have an issue with it. It’s all a storyline and entertainment. If he got jealous of this, or if any guy did, it wouldn’t work out, honestly,” added Mandy.

Mandy and Otis may be a happy on could but their love is only limited to television and not the real life.

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