August 18, 2022
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New start date for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics revealed

2020 Tokyo Olympics to start from 23 July 2021- Digitalsporty

The new dates for the Tokyo Olympics, which were postponed by a year due to the Corona virus, were announced on Monday. The organizers of the Tokyo Olympics said the world’s biggest sporting extravaganza will begin on 23 July 2021 with the opening ceremony and the closing ceremony will be held on 8 August 2021. The Paralympic Games will take place from 24 August 2021 to 5 September 2021. Its worth mentioning that the games will still be called Tokyo Olympics 2020 despite being scheduled in the year 2021. Earlier these games were scheduled to begin on 24 July 2020, which were postponed after heavy pressure from the participant countries and Olympic associations amid coronavirus outbreak.

There was also speculation that the games should be held in the spring, but European football and North American sports leagues are scheduled to take place at that time. Tokyo organizing committee chief Yoshiro Mori and CEO Toshiro Muto had said that the cost of organizing the games on the new dates would be too high.

According to local reports, this cost will increase billions of dollars and the burden will be on the taxpayers of Japan. Muto promised to be transparent in calculating costs. Tokyo has spent $ 12 billion to host the Games, and given its latest budget, experts believe that postponing the Games will cost an additional $ 6 billion. It is also a shock for sponsors and major broadcasters who wait for the sports extravaganza to be held every four years for revenue from advertising.

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