March 7, 2021
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Rohit Sharma feels there is a similarity between him and MS Dhoni

Rohit Sharma feels there is a similarity between him and MS Dhoni

Rohit Sharma’s career took off under the reign of MS Dhoni way back in 2007 World T20 after which he was criticized for failing to create an impact in the match despite possessing all the talent. It was Dhoni’s masterstroke that got Sharma’s career to an outcome after he made him to open in the 2013 Champions trophy where India defeated England in the finals to claim the trophy. Rohit has been a completely different player since then and his IPL side Mumbai Indians later made him a captain that evolved a role of leader in him.

Rohit notched 317 runs in 5 innings of recently concluded Asia Cup, where India defeated Bangladesh in crunch final by 3 wickets. His captaincy was praised throughout the tournament but Rohit credited MS Dhoni for his success.

“We always keep on learning from Dhoni bhai because he has been such a great captain. Whenever there were questions or doubts on the field, he was always there to answer. We have played under him for so many years, he always advises us, whatever be the situation.”

Talking about his similarities with Dhoni

“Whatever I have seen of him (Dhoni) leading the side for all these years, he never panicked, took time while taking decisions. There are those similarities in me too,” Rohit said.

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