May 22, 2022
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Tokyo 2020 Olympics on a risk of getting cancelled amid the deadly Coronavirus

Tokyo 2020 Olympics on a risk of getting cancelled amid the deadly Coronavirus

The deadly coronavirus crisis is now intensifying at the Tokyo Olympics 2020. According to information from the news agency Associated Press, a senior member of the International Olympic Committee has stated that if the coronavirus is not controlled by the end of May, the Olympic Games may get canceled. He said that in such a situation the time of the Olympic Games will not be changed nor will they be postponed, but the games will be canceled.

“Tokyo Olympics 2020 would be canceled and not postponed or moved, if the #Coronavirus is not under control by late May, reports The Associated Press quoting Senior International Olympic Committee member,” ANI tweeted.

The Olympic Games is scheduled to start from Friday 24 July and will conclude on Sunday 9 August. The Olympic qualifying matches of boxing and badminton in China have already been canceled due to the Corona virus.

Earlier, a top official of the World Health Organization (WHO) had said that it would be too early to speculate on the Tokyo Olympics getting canceled due to spread of corona virus in China which has taken more than 2000+ lives in the country. The deadly virus has also spread its root in Japan, where over 500+ persons are infected by it and four persons have also died.

Talking about the current situation in other countries of the world including China, the situation is explosive and medicines are yet not made which can cure the virus. Infected patients are also being treated, but the number of people recovering from the deadly is extremely low. From Europe to America and Asia to Arab countries, this deadly virus has not spared any part of the earth.

Its worth mentioning that the Coronavirus was discovered in 1960 but the current outbreak started from December 2019 in Wuhan city of China.

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