August 18, 2022
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Top 10 handsome and hottest cricketers of all time

Top 10 handsome and hottest cricketers of all time

Cricketers bring their charming skills on the field but their off-field charisma set all the eyeballs on them. The game offers stardom and also money which changes the look of on ordinary man to an extra special player with killer looks. Over the period of time, there have been many cricketers who were valiant on the field but their off-field style became the trend amongst the fans. On that note, here’s a look at the most handsome cricketers of all time.

10- AB de Villiers- South Africa

The stylish right handed batsman has been top of the charts of the world’s best batsman. He retired from International cricket in May 2018 and since then has been enjoying the game as a spectator.

9- Andrew Flintoff- England

The cricketer turned boxer has been a leading all-rounder of his time. He had fierce rivalry with Australian and Indian players and took his game to another level when he played against his rivals.

8- Imran Khan- Pakistan

The current Prime Minister of Pakistan and a former Pakistan cricket team captain, Imran used to bring his all-round abilities and the charm which draw the attention of the girls. He is still considered as one of the best and the smartest to ever taken the cricket field.

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