June 25, 2022
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Top 5 hottest and most beautiful WWE ring announcers of all time

Top 5 hottest and most beautiful WWE ring announcers of all time

Wrestlers and their in ring talent is what makes WWE, but one can not ignore ring announcers, who create the hype amongst the fans at the time of a superstar’s entrance. Female ring announcers set the eye balls rolling courtesy of their looks and beauty. On that note, here’s a look at top five hottest and beautiful female WWE ring announcers of all time.

5- Christy Hemme

Hemme made her WWE debut in 2004 as diva search entrant. She was announced as the winner of the competition on September 20, with a prize of a one-year contract with WWE. After retiring from in ring competition, she worked as a ring announcer from total nonstop action(TNA).

4- Brandi Rhodes

She is chief brand officer of AEW currently and wife of Cody Rhodes, but before that she was in limelight for being the ring announcer in WWE. She was named Eden Stiles in WWE and worked as a ring announcer.

3- Jojo Offerman

She is seen as a replacement for the legendary Lilian Garcia. She started on Total Divas in 2013 and later moved as a ring announcer after she didn’t find former work comfortable.

Jojo moved to NXT and started announcing the names there. After two years of success in the development territory, she moved to the main roster in 2015 and has not looked back since then.

2- Alexa Bliss

Way before becoming an in ring competitor, Bliss was used as an unnamed ring announcer at November 20 episode of NXT

1- Lilian Garcia

Garcia will end up as the number one in our list and probably the greatest ring announcers of all time. She started her journey as a backstage interviewer but soon was assigned the role of ring announcer. She also garnered attention for her singing talent and she has performed the National Anthem at WWE events numerous times.

She left WWE in 2016 but returns for a one time appearance on number of occasion.

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