May 26, 2020
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Video: Move over MS Dhoni, this youngsters one handed helicopter shot will amaze you

Video: Move over MS Dhoni, this youngsters one handed helicopter shot will amaze you

MS Dhoni is the king of unorthodox style of batting and his unusual shots amaze the cricket pundits and fans. Off them all is helicopter shot, which got him the early recognition in his career. Dhoni scored many sixes by digging deep into the crease and hitting a full length or yorker length delivery for a massive six. However, as he continues to grow old, he is not using the shot anymore and fans are missing it allready.

Meanwhile, a video is going viral on social media, where a young boy is seen discovering a new version of helicopter shot. The surprising thing about the shot is that the boy times it with perfection with mere one hand and generates immense power in the hit.

MS Dhoni returns from army duty

Did MS Dhoni join politics, here's the truth behind the storyThe veteran of 350 ODIs recently returned from the army duty after serving with his battalion in the terrorist prone area of Awantipora in South Kashmir, however he is again back in headlines courtesy of the social media.

In a viral picture, it is being said that Dhoni is now going to enter politics where he looks like a politician. Along with kurta-pajama, he is also wearing a Gandhi cap on his head.

Social media users are speculating that Dhoni will enter the politics and will join the likes of Gautam Gambhir and Navjot Singh Sidhu who have allready started their second innings in politics. When we investigated, it was found that Dhoni had recently appeared for an advertisement shoot in Mumbai, in which he is seen as the politician.

It is believed that Dhoni will soon join Team India for the T20 series against South Africa in September. The tour of South Africa to India begins on September 15.

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