May 21, 2019
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Watch: Roman Reigns pips cancer and return on Monday night RAW

WWE Universe faced a huge set back when Roman Reigns opened 22nd October’s episode of Monday night RAW with relinquishing his Universal title after informing about the life threatening blood cancer. This is a type of cancer which starts in blood forming tissues, usually in the bone marrow. The disease leads to over production of white blood cells. It affects the production of blood cells.

Cancer is a deadly disease and some believed that he might never step into the ring yet again and for those there is some good news in store.

Good news for the Big Dog fans

It was announced that Reigns will be live in yesterday night’s RAW where he will update about his fight with the deadly leukemia. Emotions run through the body of WWE Universe as Roman Reigns’ entry music buzzed in the arena and the big Samoan entered the arena with the same charisma. He hugged his family members in the ring side area and returned back to the ring where he relinquished his Universal title four months back.

He went onto give a happening news to his fans and said that he was in remission and was returning to WWE. “I’m probably going to say this a lot, but I’m going to start off by saying ‘Thank you. I missed y’all. I’m serious, I missed y’all, there’s no other job like this, there’s no other fanbase like you guys. I used to say this is my yard, but this is our yard,” Reigns said.

Watch the video

Reigns may not enter as the number one contender for Universal title straight away as his Shield brother Seth Rollins is currently on the line to face Brock Lesnar for Universal title at Wrestlemania.


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