July 5, 2022
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Watch: Seth Rollins and The Fiend wrestled in a steel cage match after RAW went off TV

Watch: Seth Rollins and The Fiend wrestled in a steel cage match after RAW went off TV

WWE Universe was thrilled watching the rivalry between Seth Rollins and The Fiend Bray Wyatt. The fans were more vocal towards the Fiend and wanted Rollins to lose the title. At hell in a cell pay per view, the match ended in no contest after Rollins assaulted Wyatt but the latter stood up and gave him his finisher but that was too late as the match was allready ended in no result.

Wyatt moved to SmackDown which had WWE champion Brock Lesnar on the same brand which made the fans believe that The Fiend will lose the title match at Crown Jewel to Rollins. However, WWE is known for surprising the fans and they finally gave what fans wanted from them. At Crown Jewel, The Fiend rise from the ashes to hit sister abigail on Rollins and win the Universal title and take it to SmackDown. Later, Lesnar moved to RAW which made the pendulum swing in equilibrium for both the brands.

Now the rivalry between Rollins and Wyatt was over as the two were in different brands but they got to take on each other for another time after Crown Jewel. In this week’s WWE RAW at Uniondale, NY, the company promised the fans of another Rollins vs The Fiend match after the show goes off air and they didn’t disappoint.

The match took inside the steel cage and lasted for about five minutes. Rollins tried to escape the steel cage after hitting stomps and superkicks but it didn’t prove enough as the Fiend kept rising and finally hit with a sister abigail to retain the title.

This might be the last time when we see Rollins vs The Fiend as WWE has made it clear that the feud between the two wrestlers is over.

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