June 25, 2022
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What will be the change in rules when cricket returns

What will be the change in rules when cricket returns

Coronavirus is becoming a big threat for the world which has allready affected close to 1 crore people around the globe. The deadly virus put a stop to all the economic, cultural and social activities which also involves sports. Like the other industries, sports industry has also incur a huge loss in debts after lockdown was forcefully imposed in almost every part of the world. Just before the IPL 2020, lockdown was imposed in India and the rising cases only made the case worse for the Asian country which forced the BCCI to cancel the tournament for indefinite period of time.

In addition, cricketing betting has resumed with West Indies touring England for a 3 match test series in July. It will be a delight for the ones who love betting and they can allready gear up for some action. We recommend you to get through the best online cricket betting tips before proceeding further. The betting tips are catching more hype as everyone is waiting for the games to start again.

Cricket set to be played with new rules

Covid 19 wrecked havoc in the world but cricket fans can rejoice as the cricket action will return with England hosting West Indies in a three match test series but the deadly virus has forced the ICC to make some changes to the rule.

The International Cricket Council (ICC), has now banned the use of saliva on the ball with immediate effect. Saliva plays an important role in shining the red cherry, which is used in longest version of the game. According to some cricket experts and current cricketers, ban of saliva will make life difficult for the bowlers in an era where batsman are dominating the game and bowlers only have little chance of being a match winner.

The rule states that an umpire can issue two warnings to the bowler for using saliva on the ball but the repeated violation of the rule would result in a five run penalty against the fielding side.

Substitution rule introduced

The ICC has also approved like for like replacement in the test matches. The rule define that- if a player is possessing the symptoms of Coronavirus in a test match, the team is allowed to replace the player with a substitute. The match referee will now approve like for like replacement during test match other than concussion substitute. Like for like replacement means that an all-rounder will be replaced by an all-rounder, a bowler will be replaced by a bowler and a batsman will be replaced by a batsman or any player close to the category.

Another rule which ICC has implemented is appointment of local match officials instead of neutral umpires from another foreign country.

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