August 14, 2022
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What would have been your favourite cricketers if their cricket careers would not have blossomed

If Sachin Tendulkar would not have been a cricketer then where would he be standing today? Ever imagined??? Well putting a break on your imaginations let’s have a look at what our favourite cricketers would chosen as their profession if they failed to become a cricketer.

6- Unmukt Chand- IITian

Chand led India to U19 triumph in 2012 courtesy of his impactful partnership with Smit Patel that turned the complexion of the final against Australia. The Delhi boy revealed in an interview with Cricket Country that he would have been an IITian if not a cricketer. Well it really takes guts to crack the Joint entrance exam(JEE) necessary to get into IIT’s and Chand surely had an illustrious academic record to be confident of cracking one of the toughest exams in India.

5- Ajinkya Rahane- Indian Air Force
(PC: Cricket country)

The vice captain of Indian test team has been a cool and composed customer when it comes to batting. The Mumbai lad said in an interview with that he would be in Indian Air Force if not a cricketer.

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