June 25, 2022
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WWE legend teases departure from the Vince McMahon led promotion

WWE legend teases departure from the Vince McMahon led promotion

10 times WWE tag team champion and veteran wrestler Matt Hardy came back to WWE TV in December 2019 and since then fans have been eager to see him win. Hardy appeared on tonight’s episode of RAW where he was brutalized by Erick Rowan which resulted in a losing appearance.

Matt took to social media site twitter and thanked his the fans for the support and for making him trend at number 17. He further teased his departure from WWE after the loss.

“WOW! Thanks for all the love & support from around the world,” Matt wrote. “I’m trending #17 worldwide because of my @WWE slump & string of #RAW TV losses. Hope you’re enjoying my #WWE TV appearances.. At this rate there won’t be many more,” Matt said in a tweet.

Its worth mentioning that the senior Hardy’s contract will be expiring on March 1 with the WWE and he will be eligible to wrestle from another promotion from the same day. He has been in talks with WWE officials for extending his contract with the company but the biggest problem with the two parties is not the money but how the creative team will Hardy in the ring.

Will Matt Hardy join AEW ?

The Woken Matt Hardy has a lot to offer as a singles competitor but WWE only saw a tag team wrestler in him. The 45-year-old has still lot of wrestling left in him but it feels that the number of singles competitor on the roster won’t make way for him. AEW will be a better option for him, where he can be treated as the top guy and win some titles before he bids adieu.

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