May 29, 2022
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WWE News: Former women’s champion ruled out of action for 9 months

WWE News: Former women's champion ruled out of action for 9 months

Bayley has been a class apart heel persona ever since WWE moved to Thunderdome. The former SmackDown women’s champion and women’s tag team champion was feuded with current SD champion Bianca Belair from a long time and this rivalry was set to continue going into the money in the bank pay per view where fans return after Wrestlemania.

However, just one week prior to that, Bayley has suffered a heartbreaking injury which will keep her out of the picture for 9 months.

WWE announced the news on their official twitter account and said that replacement will be named in place of Bayley who will challenge Bianca Belair for the SmackDown women’s championship.

Balye kept losing titles to Belair but the latter one was really frustrated as the former one kept her pursuit on for the title and in return the “EST” of WWE challenged her to “I quit” match at Money in the bank. Bayley took a step forward and announced that she will leave SmackDown if she loses another match to Belair.

It seems that the rivalry has been halted and no more storylines will take place for the two female superstars. Many female superstars are competing in money in the bank ladder match which means WWE has less options to field someone against Belair. It can be understood that Belair may defend her title against a returning superstar or a debuting one. Let’s wait and watch as the picture will be clear in tonight’s episode of SmackDown.


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