June 4, 2020
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WWE News: Suspense continues on Rey Mysterio signing with AEW

WWE News: Suspense continues on Rey Mysterio signing with AEW

Rey Mysterio is not getting enough wins under his belt and according to some wrestling fans, he is getting buried by the WWE. It is reported that Mysterio may be leaving Vince McMahon’s led promotion after his contract is coming to an end.

Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio stated that the master of 619 has not signed a new deal with the wrestling giants. It is tough to predict whether the former world heavyweight champion will sign the new contract or find new life in other promoters like AEW.

It is believed that Mysterio is concerned about the career of his son Dominick. It is been speculated that the former United States champion does not want to disappoint the company and don’t want to ruin the career of his son. Its worth mentioning that Mysterio signed a contract with WWE in 2018.

According to Meltzer, All Elite Wrestling is also planning to rope in Mysterio to the company and add another veteran WWE wrestler in the company. AEW has allready acquired the services of former WWE wrestlers like Dean Ambrose, Luke Harper, Cody Rhodes, Goldust, Chris Jericho and more.

AEW may be gearing up to lure Mysterio with a huge monetary deal but the time will only tell if they will succeed in doing so. Meltzer also mentioned about Seth Rollins’ vicious attack on Mysterio which may put him out of the picture and his return looks impossible as of now. If Mysterio is leaving the company, WWE may be treating him like they did to Matt Hardy as he got beaten up in penultimate episodes before leaving WWE.

Whatever the reality and the possibility may be, Mysterio continues to be a natural baby face and fan favourite wrestler and they will love to watch him, whether in All Elite Wrestling or World Wrestling Entertainment.

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