July 5, 2022
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AJ Styles explains when he will cut his long hair

AJ Styles explains when he will cut his long hair

AJ Styles has surely been one of the faces of WWE from last two years and the more fascinating thing about him is his long hairs. His in-ring appearance gets a boost due to his long hairs which increases the style quotient of “Styles”.

In a promotional event of WWE 2K19, Styles read some of the good and even bad comments left on IGN.

One of the fan said that Styles would have been WWE’s most valuable person if he had a haircut.

“I think AJ may have been WWE’s MVP for the last couple of years. Now if only he would get a haircut,” the question read.

Styles was certainly not too much entertained with the question and said “Well, when the ladies stop hating my hair, maybe I’ll get a haircut.”

Now that’s a clear indication that he is not parting ways from long hairs because the ladies just love his hair.

Here’s the video

Styles will defend his WWE championship title against Samoa Joe in the upcoming global pay per view event- Super Show Down in Melbourne, Australia.

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