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Six ways on how to become a WWE Wrestler

Six ways on how to become a WWE Wrestler

Getting a contract in WWE is a dream come true and one can be financially very sound and always have the spotlight on them if they manage to eke in. However, getting into the greatest wrestling company is still a distant dream for many professional wrestlers but one can achieve the goal with right planning, proper diet, good training, acting skills and to name a few more.

Getting into the WWE performance center in Orlando, Florida is a dream and every top wrestler in the industry spent some days there to be the star that they are today. You can also get hired by WWE by following these steps.

1- Start young or start when you are ready

Revealed: How to become a WWE Wrestler | Digitalsporty.comWe at Digitalsporty feel that there is no certain age to start but in able to enter WWE the best time is to start young and indulge in any sport so you can be physically sound and strong to make a career in WWE after you are retired from professional sports. Its worth mentioning that the majority of WWE wrestlers were professional athletes in their younger days and examples are of The Rock, Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns playing American football in their younger days.

The minimum age to get hired by WWE is 18 years old but you can start training to be physically strong and sound at any age that your body allows. However, getting there young will have greater chance to be the top star in the coming years.

2- Take a proper diet

Being obese or eating too much of junk food is injurious for you to be a WWE star as pro wresting requires highest amount of fitness to withstand in the ring. You have to take a proper diet at regular intervals which should include good amounts of carbohydrates and proteins so you can build some metal and have a solid body. Having a good physique and body will let you perform difficult in ring moves that will make you the crowd favourite.

3- Enroll in a pro wrestling academy

WWE on-screen talent tests positive for coronavirusThe popularity of WWE has been global which has paved way for pro wrestling academies around the world and you just need to choose the best academy for yourself and a coach who can train you. Just google pro wrestling academies in your country and you are ready to take the best route in pursuit to WWE dream.

4- Enroll in acting classes

WWE News: Roman Reigns gives an update on his return to WWEActing is an integral part of WWE and to cut promos like The Rock and to show the audience that you have actually suffered a huge blow or punched your opponent hard, you should possess the great acting skills to make audience believe in your move. If its necessary, then enroll yourself in an acting academy to take out the best out of yourself.

5- Build a character

WWE RAW 4 November 2019 results (5 November in India)Brock Lesnar is very friendly off the camera but he looks very dangerous when he is in the ring and that’s called character. Your on screen persona has to be very different from the actual human being you are. Building a character is the key to impress in the wrestling industry.

6- WWE should not be your ultimate goal

Wrestling- Latest Wrestling News, Indian Wrestling News & Updates- DigitalsportyYou should first try to become a good professional wrestler and should wrestle in the small promotions and impress with your performance. When your skills and athleticism will be echoing in the industry, you will have great chances of making it into WWE as the talent scouts are there searching for greater talents.

When you are ready

So now when you have ticked all the boxes, its now your turn submit an application- here and create your profile on WWE’s performance center website. After reviewing your application, WWE may ask one to appear in a future tryout. WWE tryouts are held throughout the year in the United States and in the world.

If everything goes well in the tryouts, participants receive feedback and may be notified of a potential opportunity. If selected, a star will begin his journey to be a superstar at WWE performance center.

Frequently asked questions

1- Minimum and maximum age to be in WWE
There is nothing as maximum age in WWE but minimum age should be atleast 18 years old.

2- Cost to train and be a WWE wrestler
The minimum you can expect is 300$-500$ or simply 40,000 Indian rupee which is an average number of money you need to spend per month on your diet, classes and gym.

3- Is English important to be in WWE
Its not a compulsion but you will be greatly benefitted if you know English to cut great promos. Wrestlers like The Great Khali and Shinsuke Nakamura were not fluent in English but they became the top guys in the industry.

4- Time required to become a WWE wrestler
It all depends of how much you can learn quickly and it can take from months to years to get into WWE.

5- Do you need wrestling background to be in WWE
There is no such compulsion but having a background does help and the prime examples are Dominick Mysterio the son of legendary Rey Mysterio who came to WWE as a young boy and was accepted by the WWE Universe. There are other examples of Randy Orton, The Rock, Cody Rhodes and many more.

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