July 6, 2022
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WTC Final Weather: Southampton weather update for reserve day

WTC Final Weather: Southampton weather update for reserve day

The quest to find the first winner of world test championship may be mere dream as the weather God’s in England have not helped the cause. Only 225 overs have been bowled in the 5 days of the game, where day 4 and day 1 were washed away by rain and some partial game was possible on the 3rd and 4th day of the game. Only 225 overs were completed in 2 and a half day approximately but after 5 days, we don’t have a clear winner and the game is moving towards a draw.

The reserve day was proposed by ICC if the weather God’s play the spoilsport and the game will now move to the 6th day where all three results are possible. India are 64/2 and lead by just 32 runs. They need to up their run rate for any chance to win the game by giving ample overs to its bowler. On the other hand, Kiwi team will be hoping to strike early on the reserve day of the game and bundle out India cheaply to chase a small target.

Weather Update

The game is played in Southampton which is in the southern part of England where rain is playing the spoilsport, however the Northern part of England is dry and there is negligible rain in the Northern part. However, the reserve day is going to be a beautiful day to play cricket as there is less chances of rain and sun with cloudy skies at instance will go through the course of the day.

As per accuweather.com, the weather would be mostly sunny, and clouds won’t be troubling. Humidity will be on the low side and strong winds won’t be a factor as well.

Both teams will be finalizing their strategies but its more likely to be a draw which means that the trophy will be shared between the two captains. It will be the first instance when New Zealand will win an ICC trophy since 2000-01 Knockout cup and first ICC trophy for Virat Kohli and first for India since 2013 Champions trophy.

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