October 2, 2023

Cricket fraternity salutes the dedication and prowess of ISRO

Cricket fraternity salutes the dedication and prowess of ISRO

In a bid to find the evidences of water on the lunar surface, India launched Chandrayaan 2 via GSLV MK III rocket on 22 July 2019. On 2nd September, the lander Vikram got separated from Orbiter which was revolving around the moon. The Vikram lander started to move towards the lunar surface and was expected to make a soft landing at a distance of almost 500+ kilometers from Moon’s south pole on Saturday morning.

Vikram lander started its descent to lunar surface at 1:38 AM(Indian standard time) which was termed as 15 minutes of terror by ISRO chairman K. Sivan. Things were going swiftly until ISRO lost contact with the Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram, only 2.1 km away from the lunar surface, after which despair swept across the country including ISRO’s mission control room.

Everything went well for 13 minutes and 48 seconds. Applause also echoed in ISRO’s mission control room, but one and a half minutes before the lunar touchdown, ISRO lost contact with Vikram at around 1:55 AM. Despite the rare failure from ISRO, every citizen of the country is appreciating the work of ISRO and its scientists. Its worth mentioning that no other country has dared to step foot at the South pole of the moon which is completely dark and is untouched by sun light.

Chandrayaan 1 mission discovered the evidences of water on the lunar surface and Chandryaan 2 was a follow up to get the conclusive evidence of the same. Not to forget, lunar south pole region features craters that are unique in that the near-constant sunlight does not reach their interior. Such craters are cold traps that contain a fossil record of hydrogen, water ice, and other volatiles dating from the early Solar System.

ISRO and their great scientists were applauded by Indian cricketing fraternity for their great prowess. Here’s a look at some of the tweets-

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