July 24, 2024

Video: Big WWE superstar turns baby face in a WWE live event

Video: Big WWE superstar turns baby face in a WWE live event

Daniel Bryan turned heel after he took the WWE title from AJ Styles in November, 2018 and stopped doing the famous “yes” chant. He feuded with Kofi Kingston and became the saviour of planet earth. However, he ended up losing his title to the member of New Day.

Bryan teamed up with Erick Rowan and everything seems going fine until he discovered that the big man was involved in life ending attacks on Roman Reigns. Bryan slapped Rowan but he didn’t like it and assaulted him in a episode of SmackDown alongside Roman Reigns.

Rowan faced Reigns in the Clash of Champions but his former tag team partner Luke Harper interfered which changed the complexion of the match as Rowan emerged victorious. Digitalsporty understand that Bryan will be use as a baby face and team with Roman Reigns to face Erick Rowan and Luke Harper(Bludgeon brothers) at hell in a cell.

Bryan makes an appearance as a baby face

In a WWE live event in Manila, Bryan worked as a babyface during his loss to WWE champion Kofi Kingston. Bryan came out as a face amid huge cheers from the crowd but he didn’t do his famous yes chant. After losing the match, Bryan raised the hands of Kingston, getting the crowd to cheer for him again.

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