August 14, 2022
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Big WWE superstar expected to return at “Summerslam”

Dean Ambrose expected to return at Summerslam 2018- Digitalsporty
Dean Ambrose (WWE)

One of the members of “Shield”, Dean Ambrose has been out of action since he underwent a surgery to repair a triceps injury. It was reported that it would take nine odd months for his recovery period and he was expected to return this summer lately. However, there is some good news to follow for the WWE Universe as the big superstar is expected to be back at the biggest event of the Summers.

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Rollins-Ziggler feud

There has been a long feud between Seth Rollins and Dolph Ziggler since the latter took away his IC title. Rollins has tried his best shot to regain his title but Ziggler’s partner in crime Drew McIntyre’s interference has been a thing which Rollins had to deal with. The action is getting to a handicapped scenario and Rollins is running out of partners to gain momentum and regain his title.

The storyline sets itself nicely for a possible return of his Shield brother Dean Ambrose to his rescue. There is no denying the fact that McIntyre will help Ziggler retain the Intercontinental title at Summerslam and Rollins will need a helping hand from someone to take the control.

Rollins in an interview to WWE.COM has hinted that the return of Dean Ambrose is on the cards.

“I gotta figure something out. I gotta figure something out because two weeks away is SummerSlam, and I’ve done so much for that Intercontinental championship and you know what? It’s done just as much for me. I’ll be damned if I let Dolph Ziggler walk out of Brooklyn still the Intercontinental champion. So whatever it takes, whatever I’ve got to do, whether it’s me against the world, it doesn’t matter. I’m all heart, I’m no quit, and I’m going to find something, man. I’m going to find a way.”


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