August 14, 2022
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Reports: Controversial umpire’s call rule could be scrapped

Reports: Controversial umpire's call rule could be scrapped

Marylebone Cricket Club(MCC) is considering a change in rules regarding short pitch bowling. The MCC’s World Cricket Committee headed by Mike Gatting has stirred out in this regard via video conference.

In the meeting held on Monday, it was discussed whether the rules related to short pitch bowling in modern day cricket are effective. It said that it is the responsibility of the MCC to use the rules properly and safely.

Significantly, in recent years, cases of concussion (injury to player’s head) of players have increased. In view of this, the rules of short pitch bowling should be monitored and this was discussed in the meeting. At present, these rules have only been discussed and any decision on this will be taken only after consultation and survey. The decision on whether or not the rules will change can be decided by December 2021.

On the other hand, the committee meeting of veterans like Kumar Sangakkara, Sourav Ganguly and Shane Warne also discussed the umpires’ call when a team take DRS. In this regard, it was discussed that umpire’s call for lbws which could be cancelled in favour of a straight out or not out decision. The rule was brought in the game in 2016 by ICC to ensure that the umpires have bigger role to play in the game. The rule underline the fact that the original decision made by the on-field umpire should stand. The decision is reverted if there is a major mistake when a team reviews.

“The committee debated the use of ‘Umpire’s Call’ for LBW decisions made via the Decision Review System, which some members felt was confusing to the watching public, particularly when the same ball could either be Out or Not out depending on the on-field umpire’s original decision. They felt it would be simpler if the original decision was disregarded on review, and that there was a simple Out or Not out, with no Umpire’s Call,” read a statement from the MCC.

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