August 18, 2022
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Video: An Indian Chess player proposed a Colombian grandmaster and she said “Yes”

Video: An Indian Chess player proposed a Colombian grandmaster and she said “Yes”

Proposals are the hardest things to conquer for a marriage. But when the things work your way, it certainly becomes a memory for a life time.

Indian Chess player Niklesh Jain surely conquered his nerves to propose his long time girlfriend Angela Franco, who represents South American country of Colombia. Angela, the woman grandmaster was about to compete in the second round against China in the main hall when Niklesh got down on his knee and offered a ring to Angela.

She blushed at first instance and finally said a “Yes”, a big “Yes” as whole of the hall applauded for the couple.

“Actually I am a chess player and she is too. There were a few places where I could have proposed her, but then I thought what better could it be then the Chess Olympiads. There are 189 countries who are playing here and for us, this is our temple,” Niklesh was quoted as saying by

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Talking about his plans of proposal

Niklesh told in a video that he had planned to propose his girlfriend before the start of the tournament. He revealed that he had told the plans to his girlfriend’s elder sister- Beatriz.

“In the morning, I told her sister, her sister is also a grandmaster, so I told her about my plan and we decided to do it here.”

“The world is for peace, for love and there’s no language, no color, no bar of anything. We should be a good human being and this is good for world,” Niklesh said.

Where it all started

Both the players met around one and a half years ago in Barcelona. They used mobile translator to converse and bond over the setbacks they faced in the game.

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