May 29, 2022
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Virat Kohli admits that he was in depression after World Cup exit

Virat Kohli admits that he was in depression after World Cup exit

India’s defeat in the World Cup semi-finals to the hands of New Zealand is now an old thing, but it has not been easy for captain Virat Kohli to forget this defeat. Speaking on the eve of India’s first T20 match against West Indies in Florida, Kohli revealed that it was difficult for the team to face defeat in the semi-final, but as professional players they have to move forward. After the World Cup debacle, the Indian team will now ply trade in the series against West Indies.

Speaking to reporters at the Central Broward Regional Park Stadium, Kohli said- “The first few days after we exited the World Cup were quite difficult. Till the time the tournament got over, every time we woke up it was the worst feeling in the morning. Then through the day you do things and sort of get on with your life.

“We are professionals. We move ahead. Every team has to move on. So we are quite okay with what happened in the World Cup. Yesterday the fielding session and the little bit of time we spent on the field was really good. Everyone was excited, looking forward to just playing, just being on the field again. I think that’s the best thing you can do as a team, just get on the park as soon as possible,” Kohli added.

Virat Kohli may get banned before World Cup semi-finals, here's whyThe Indian captain is now thinking about the 2020 T20 World Cup and said that the team is focusing on their preparation in view of the show piece event.

“We have 25-26 games before the T20 World Cup and we want to look at all the games to build a solid combination – conditions-based, obviously, because when you play in Australia, the combination will be different. And according to your team’s strength, and how a player is performing in different conditions, this is what we’re trying to figure out,” Kohli said.

“It’s a very normal process in cricket at this level that whatever games you have, you use it to build towards that global tournament,” he added.

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