June 13, 2024
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Africa are the true winners of 2018 Fifa World cup believes Venezuela President

Africa are the true winners of 2018 Fifa World cup believes Venezuela President
Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro believes Africa are the true winners of 2018 Fifa World cup. Earlier, France which had 16 players who have roots from Africa beat Croatia 4-2 in Sunday’s final in Moscow.

“The French team seems like the African team, in reality Africa won, the African immigrants who arrived in France,” Maduro said during the police day celebration at an event in Venezuela on Monday.

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“How much have they despised Africa, and in the football World Cup France won the trophy thanks to African players or the sons of Africans.”

Not to forget, Kylian Mbappe and Paul Pogba who became heroes for France by scoring goals in second half had roots from Africa. Mbappe’s parents are from Cameroon and Algeria whereas, Pogba’s parents are from Guinea.

Samuel Umtiti who scored the decisive goal for France in the semi finals against Belgium was born in Cameroon. Blaise Matuidi’s parents are Angolan and Congolese. N’Golo Kante’s parents are Malian while Raphael Varane’s father is from the Caribbean island of Martinique, which is an overseas part of France.

Their captain Hugo Lloris, star striker Antoine Griezmann Olivier Giroud are all Europeans.

President Maduro further congratulated the French team for the beautiful way they played and also accolade Russian President Vladimir Putin for  for putting on “the best World Cup in the history of football.”

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Maduro also called on France and Europe as a whole to use this victory as a beginning to end the ill-treatment of Africans and Latin Americans.

“That’s enough racism in Europe against Africans, enough discrimination against migrants,” he said.

“Hopefully France and Europe will appreciate that us, southerners, Africans, Latin Americans, are worthy and powerful.”

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