July 24, 2024

Edge and Randy Orton’s return date to RAW announced

Edge and Randy Orton's return date to RAW announced

WWE announced the return of Rated R superstar- Edge and Randy Orton for next week’s episode of RAW. This will be the first appearance of both the veterans ever since their dream match at this year’s Wrestlemania where Edge won a grueling last man standing match.

How the rivalry started

Edge returned to WWE after a period of 9 years and signed a multi year contract with the Vince McMahon led promotion. The Rated R superstar returned to this year’s Royal Rumble and eliminated Orton to build a feud. On the next night episode of RAW, Orton ambushed Edge and hit him with signature attack with steel chair “Conchairto,” which kept him out of WWE TV till March.

Edge challenged Orton for a last match standing match at greatest stage of them all and the match turned out to be the longest last man standing match in the history of the industry.

The return of both these superstars will take place after Money in The Bank pay per view and the fans may be wondering why WWE is bringing them back, despite the end of their rivalry at Wrestlemania. It may be a sign that the company may be trying to build their feud for Summerslam as well.

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