July 24, 2024
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FIFA World Cup 2022: Most beautiful and glamorous female fans

FIFA World Cup 2022: Most beautiful and glamorous female fans

The FIFA World cup is awaited for 4 long years to witness the world’s best at one stage and it was Qatar’s turn to host 32 teams this time in 2022. Watching the action from the stadium is a different experience all-together but watching it from TV gives a good close view on to the field but sometimes the camera focuses on some of the beautiful faces that are too pretty to be ignored. While the footballers give their all to entertain the fans, these female fans add glamour to the game. Despite some restriction in Qatar, female fans from around the globe have taken the stage to amaze with their beauty and glamour in the FIFA World Cup 2022. On that note here’s a look at Hot female fans in FIFA World Cup 2018.


1- Ivanna Knöll

While Croatia has been in a miraculous form since the last world cup, Ivanna is one to watch out for in the stands. The Croatian beauty has set the eyeballs rolling and fans are wanting to have a glimpse of her when Croatian team takes the ground.

2- The Canadian fan

The Canadian team may have been ousted in the group stage but the female fan from the North American country did gather some eyeballs.

3- The Saudi Arabia fans

Just eye can be good enough to define the beauty of a woman and these Saudi fans are the best example.

4- The German fans

The German team had an unforgettable experience in Qatar, their female fans made sure to leave no stones un-turned when it comes to cheering their team.

5- The Spanish fans

The 2010 edition winner’s were knocked out in the round of 16 clash against Morocco but their female fans made sure to make it a glamorous affair in the stadium.

6- The Moroccan fans

Being a muslim country, Morocca is still very open about their cloths and these fans prove the same

6- The Belgian fan

Belgium came into the tournament ranked number 2 in the rankings but bowed out in the group stage.

7- The English fan

The Three Lions could not cross the quarter final hurdle and it shows on the face on this beautiful fan.

8- The USA fan

The American team could not cross the group stage hurdle

9- The South Korean fans

South Korea were knocked out in round of 16 but their female fans had all the eyeballs on themselves.

10- The Polish fans

Poland were knocked out in the round of 16.

11- The Ecuador fans

The team from South America were knocked out in the group stage

12- The Tunisian fans

The team from Africa were knocked out in the group stage clash but their female fans gave us a reason to smile

13- The Argentine fans

Latin American girls are glamorous and the same goes with the Argentine female fans.

14- The Brazilian fans

Brazil has produced some of the best players of the game and the most passionate football fans.

15- The Portugese fans

Portugal were knocked out in the quarter final stage but their female fans have been iconic and eye catching

16- The Mexican fans

Curves define the real beauty of the Mexican female football fans.

17- The Cameroon fans

Black beauties from Cameroon were too good to be ignored by the cameramen.

18- The Serbian fan

Serbia came into the world cup with lots of expectation but were knocked out in the group stage.

19- The Uruguayan fan

If those tears from the eyes of Luis Suarez made you emotional then the bright smile of this girl may brighten up your mood.


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