July 24, 2024
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Top 5 Indian football players who played for a foreign club. Two have played against Manchester United

AIFF is bringing top class players from all around the world to play in India, but there are few who have gone the other way too. These are the top five Indian players to have played for foreign club, clubs.

5. Mohammed SalimTop 5 Indian football players who were signed by foreign club | Football |

Salim was india’s first legitimate football superstar. And he was the first Indian player to sign for an foreign club, when he signed the contract for Celtic(Club based in Scotland) back in 1936. Salim only played two exhibition game for them, but the word was that Celtic wanted to sign him permanently. Though, Salim turned it down because he grew homesick and returned home. If rumors are to be believed, he turned an offer from a German club because Germany was a scary place back in 40’s due to Hitler’s cruel dictatorship.

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