February 29, 2024

Team India’s top performers to get business class ticket as a reward

Team India's top performers to get business class ticket as a reward

Getting a reward for your hard work and dedication is the best feeling ever. BCCI and team management of the Indian team has come up with a plan to reward the top performers after the conclusion of a match. The reward will be a ticket of business class in a plane to feel the luxury.

A source told Indian Express that Mohammed Shami got a business class ticket to Pune from Vizag after impressive performance in the first test in Vizag. The sources added that Delhi pacer Ishant Sharma got to travel in the business class before it.

“The entire team can’t get seats in business class. Those seats are few in number. So the team management decided to reward business class seats for performers. After the Vizag Test, Shami was given a business class seat. Before that Ishant got it,” sources in the BCCI told The Indian Express.

According to the report, BCCI also changed some rules about the stay in the hotel. Earlier, the coach and the captain used to get bigger rooms in the hotel where the whole team stayed but from now on, the vice skipper will also get the luxury of bigger rooms.

Now Rohit Sharma, vice skipper of limited overs and Ajinkya Rahane, vice skipper of test side, will get to stay in the bigger rooms of the hotel alongside coach and the captain.

“Now it is decided that the vice-captain should get the third suite as he is the second-most important person in the team,” source added.

Our take

Umesh Yadav was the pick of the Indian bowlers in the second test with six wickets to his name. It is likely that he have got a ticket in business class from Pune to Ranchi for the third test. Bowlers clock at 135 km/hr consistently and run all day long and they deserve all the comfort while travelling.

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