June 21, 2024

Veteran women’s wrestler teasing another championship run in WWE

Veteran women's wrestler teasing another championship run in WWE

Retirement is just a formality in professional wrestling as there have been numerous wrestlers who have come out of there retirement again and again to compete in a match. Now, former diva’s champion Trish Stratus may return to action out of retirement to step foot into the ring.

During WWE the bump, Stratus commented on New Day’s seven tag team titles. Stratus has seven women’s title under he belt and has matched the number of titles of New Day. She said if New Day can hunt for their eighth title, then why can’t she do that.

“So, @trishstratuscom just said that if #TheNewDay ever has an 8th championship reign… she’ll want one, too,” WWE the bump said in a tweet.

Stratus last battled against Charlotte Flair at this year’s Wrestlemania where she ended up on the losing side infront of her home crowd in Toronto. Later, she confirmed that she has officially retired from pro wrestling.

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