July 24, 2024

WWE Rumour: Shawn Michaels to end Undertaker’s career at Wrestlemania 35

WWE Rumour: Shawn Michaels to end Undertaker's career at Wrestlemania 35

Shawn Michaels returned to WWE Monday Night RAW this week and got involved in a heated arguments with “The Undertaker”. Michaels is set to feature as a referee of the match between Triple H and Undertaker at the WWE Super Show-Down, in Melbourne on the 6th of October.

To everyone’s surprise Michaels who retired from the WWE at the Wrestlemania 26 may return to the ring. Fans chanted “One More Match” when Michaels was busy arching Undertaker with his words and he has certainly decided to surprise them.

According to the ‘comicbook.com’, the Heart Break Kid may return to the ring to face the Undertaker again at Wrestlemania 35.

What to expect

Michaels featured in Wrestlemania 25 and 26 wrestling against Undertaker where he lost in both the occasions. The Dead Man ended his career in WWE as it was Career vs Streak scenario. Undertaker was undefeated in Wrestlemania whereas, Michaels career was at stake.

In the RAW this week, Undertaker reminded Michaels of how he ended his career at Wrestlemania 25. This may set it up nicely for both the superstars for yet another feud that will finally end at next year’s Wrestlemania. WWE may give a push to Michaels to win the match and end the career of Undertaker.

While Undertaker vs Michaels look a certain possibility but if the rumours are to be believed then the company may set a feud between Michaels vs AJ Styles or Michaels vs NXT star “Johnny Gargano”

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