May 25, 2024

Goldberg returning to next WWE pay per view to compete for a title

Goldberg returning to next WWE pay per view to compete for a title

WWE pay per view event Elimination Chamber will make its maiden appearance in Saudi Arabia as part of deal signed between the government of Saudi Arabia and WWE in 2018. WWE brings back some veterans of the industry when they tour outside of the United States as the legacy of the veterans attract wrestling fans which brings us to the possibility of the return of Goldberg in the Elimination chamber.

According to Fightful Select, Goldberg is set to return at this year’s Elimination chamber where he will challenge Roman Reigns for the Universal championship. The match was originally scheduled for Wrestlemania 36 but Reigns took some time off due to Covid 19 surge in United States and returned back in August 2020, and has been champion since Payback on August 30 of that year.

Goldberg claimed that he has one match left in his WWE contract but also noted that he signed to WWE through 2023. This means if there are some storylines for the dream match, the writers may hand over a win to Goldberg at Chamber and then he drops it against to Reigns at Wrestlemania if Bobby Lashley defends his WWE title against Brock Lesnar or it can also become a triple threat match between Reigns, Lesnar and Goldberg at greatest show of them all.

Last appearance

Goldberg last featured on WWE TV and defeated Lashley in a No Holds Barred Falls Count Anywhere match at Crown Jewel in October 2021. He reportedly underwent a knee surgery after a win over Lashley and later revealed that he needs a shoulder surgery as well. He indicated that he will undergo a shoulder surgery as far as he is done with in-ring action but there has been no update since then.

A half fit Goldberg may not attract much praises from the WWE Universe as in the present times while he had wins, the former WCW legend didn’t put much wrestling skills in the ring, he botched several times which injured the wrestlers and also put up his finisher- Jackhammer to finish the match in real quick time to get the booing of the WWE Universe.

There is no official word on the appearance of Goldberg but if has to compete at Elimination Chamber he has to appear in this week’s or next week’s or go home show for Elimination chamber to create any angle with Reigns.

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