June 21, 2024

Shane McMahon to AEW ? WWE personnel warns Tony Khan

Shane McMahon to AEW ? WWE personnel warns Tony Khan
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Shane McMahon had a horrible week as he was denied a chance to wrestle Seth Rollins Wrestlemania and a spot in the upcoming pay per view Elimination Chamber but he was released from his father’s own company following the controversial way he put the recent Men’s Royal Rumble match together, which was given “a lot of changes,”.

The departure of Shane O’Mac from the company brought meme fest and social media posts in the picture, however a WWE personnel has warned AEW owner Tony Khan against hiring Shane McMahon. According to Wade Keller of PWTorch, even people within WWE think AEW having Shane on their books would be a bad idea.

“People in WWE are letting me know that someone should warn Tony Khan what he’s in for if he brings Shane in, because the sense of entitlement, and I don’t know if ego is the right word, that Shane would bring along with him in a company that isn’t WWE would probably be amplified compared to how he was acting on Saturday, which was just basically out of control.”

Keller earlier noted in an audio post that we might never see Shane on WWE TV due to the fallout between him and Vince McMahon. Fans have to wait and watch if we can see another coast to coast by the “best in the world” on WWE TV in coming future or not.

Its worth mentioning that Shane resigned from WWE in 2010 and was never seen on WWE TV and only made his return in February 2016, interrupting her sister Stephanie McMahon as a face. He feuded with top WWE stars in these years but some unprofessional decisions in the recently concluded men’s royal rumble match put him under scrutiny and he was finally released.

Are you willing to see him in AEW ?

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