February 22, 2024

Opinion: WWE is planning to hype up the Brothers of destruction-DX feud

Opinion: WWE is planning to hype up the Brothers of destruction-DX feud

Shawn Michaels returned to tonight’s episode of RAW to confront Undertaker and Kane before the Super Show Down. Michaels friend and member of DX- Triple H will fight it out against Undertaker, who will be accompanied by Kane by his side in Melbourne, Australia.

Michaels talked about the feud between Undertaker and Triple H before he was a little pumped up and said that he will brush up Kane with a sweet chin music(Super kick) if he tried to interfere in the match.

Soon after the daring words, Kane’s music hit and he was at the back of Michaels and punched him to bring “Heart break kid” to the mat.

Soon after the incident, Undertaker’s music rolled up and he appeared in the ring soon after. Seeing Michaels in a sort of bother, Triple H rushed to the ring and tried to save his DX brother by taking the fight to Kane and Undertaker.

The brothers of destruction didn’t take much time to take down DX brothers and stood tall in the ring.

Will Shawn Michaels finally return to the ring ?

Michaels retired from the in-ring action at Wrestlemania 26 and since then he didn’t appear to compete in any match. Almost after 8 years since he hung his boots, Michaels will accompany his DX brother Triple H at Super Show Down but the entrance of Kane in Undertaker’s corner made the feud more interesting and raised the questions of Michaels return to the in-ring action.

After tonight’s segment, its almost confirmed that Michaels and Triple H will compete against Undertaker and Kane in a tag team match at Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia in November.

WWE will try to add some more spice to the feud at Super Show Down which will set it up nicely for the next pay per view.

There might be a possibility that Michaels may end the career of Undertaker at Wrestlemania 35 as he ended his reign at Wrestlemania 26.

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