June 21, 2024

Revealed: The actual price of leather ball used in International cricket

Revealed: The actual price of leather ball used in International cricket

Cricket balls are the most basic thing to play the game of cricket. Considering the range of cricket balls, from Rupees 5 plastic ball, yellow tennis ball to costly leather ball, there are range of balls which is selected on the basis of your playing level. However, the biggest question which arises in the mind of cricket fans is the cost of cricket ball which is used in International cricket.

Ball manufacturing

Four piece leather ball is generally used in a cricket match which is more costly than the two piece ball. The manufacturing process and skill of a worker decides the price of cricket leather ball. A much skilled worker promises to make the best quality leather ball which is used in the International games.

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Weight and dimensions

For men’s cricket a ball must weigh between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces. The ball used in women’s cricket must weigh between 4 15/16 to 5 1/16 ounces.

Manufacturing unit

The cricket balls were manufactured in Kent which is in South England. However, the cost of labor and shipping cost was high which forced the companies to start new industry in Indian sub-continent. The production cost was low in the sub-continent with cheaper labor.

Jalandhar in Punjab, India and Sialkot in Punjab, Pakistan are the two hubs of cricket ball manufacturing. 98% of cricket balls are manufactured in these two cities which are used in club cricket.

Types of balls

Today three type of balls are used in world which are Kookaburra, SG and Duke. Kookaburra is primarily used in Australia, Duke is primarily used in England and SG is primarily used in India. Depending upon the format, red or white balls are preferred.

Its worth mentioning that Kookaburra balls are machine made while Duke and SG balls need the skill of the labor.

The price

Duke Ball (Used in England)- Starts from 10 thousand rupees and can go as high as 15 thousand rupees.

Kookabura Ball ( A white ball used in ODIs and T20s)- Starts from 12 thousand rupees and can go as high as 15 thousand rupees.

SG Cricket ball ( Used in Ranji Matches in India)- Starts from 400-500 rupees. The same brand ball is used for International cricket which costs around 1000 rupees.

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