September 30, 2023

The Rock is willing to return for a match against his cousin Roman Reigns

The Rock is willing to return for a match against his cousin Roman Reigns

Retirement is just a temporary word in the world of pro wrestling. Many superstars retire and then come back for a one off appearance or a long in ring career, the recent example being of Edge. The Rated R superstar departed from the company in April 2011 due to neck and spine injury and it was reported that he will never get back to the ring.

He continued making several in ring appearance but never got into a fight with anyone. However, he was medically cleared to fight in 2019 and thus making his return on the Royal Rumble.

Will Rock return again ?

The Rock was one of the greatest in ring competitors that ever step foot in the WWE ring but his career in Hollywood cut short his WWE career. The “people’s champ” was the greatest when it comes to microphone skills and that’s what made him way too famous amongst the WWE Universe. The Rock appeared in an interview last year and said that he has finally retired from pro wrestling. He was there on the 5th October episode of SmackDown where he took down King Corbin with Rock bottom and people’s elbow.

Recently, The Rock went live on his Instagram page and was asked about going one on one with his cousin brother- Roman Reigns. The Rock replied back and said that everything is possible and he would raring to go for a match against Big Dog. ‘The most electrifying man in all the entertainment’ mentioned that he open to a big match but it should happen at the right venue.

The multi time champion said that its hard to turn down the request of Vince McMahon, whom he considers as his mentor.

“Is The Rock vs. Roman Reigns possibile? Yeah, I think anything is possible. Sure, of course. I’m always open and you know that’s the cool thing about the world of professional wrestling. There is adaptability to wrestling and you know, you never say never in the world of pro wrestling.

“You never say no with Vince McMahon, who has been one of my mentors in business for a very very long time and a very very close friend and confidant. Yeah, so you never so no. I think for something like that to happen, the venue would have to be right. I think the business model would have to be right (laughs). But I’m very close to Roman, that’s family to me. We’ll see,” The Rock said.

Will the Rock vs Reigns happen, only time will tell but this news will certainly thrill the WWE Universe.

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