June 21, 2024

Two released superstars expected to be back with WWE

Two released superstars expected to be back with WWE

Last Friday was observed as one of the unfortunate day’s in the history of WWE as 17 superstars were released from the company in order to meet the budget. At a time when almost 80% of the world is in complete lockdown and every sports event were cancelled, WWE continued to function and bring entertainment for their fans. Florida governor deemed them as essential service as the company continues its taping.

WWE is shot behind closed doors and the income is heavily dependent on television viewership which forced them to release a bunch of superstars to manage the financial impact caused by coronavirus.

Will Sarah Logan return to WWE

Former member of Riott squad- Sarah Logan was also released from the company but her name was mentioned for a few times on last night’s episode of RAW. Dave Meltzer of Wrestling Observer Radio stated that Logan was originally scheduled to appear on RAW but the plans were cancelled at the last moment due to undisclosed reasons.

Logan, like other released superstars has a 90-day no-compete clause in her contract for which she would be paid the downside guarantee by WWE. This ensures that the company can use a talent for a period of 90 days. The idea may not be to rehire the released superstars but they can be booked if required. Drake Maverick and Logan can be booked before they leave the company.

“Sarah Logan was actually supposed to be on the show at one or two points on the show, and they were mentioning her name. So the deal is that for some of these talents, and Drake Maverick is another one since they are getting paid for 90 days some of them will continue to be booked. So if Sarah Logan was on the show, which she was not, but she was in fact scripted to be on the show, and after the show started she was taken off the show, don’t ask me why, but people were like, ‘Why do they keep talking about her?’, the mentality is that they can use her for another 90 days and she was going to be on the show and then somebody made the call that she was not going to be one the show while they had all the scripting where they kept mentioning her name. So, that’s the Sarah Logan story. She was not rehired, that’s not to say she won’t but however but I don’t think she will be,” Meltzer noted.

It was previously reported that the released producers and superstars will be brought back to the roster once everything gets back to normal.

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