March 21, 2023
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Video: Top 5 funny TV advertisement of Indian cricketers- Digitalsporty

Video: Top 5 funny TV advertisement of Indian cricketers- Digitalsporty

Cricketers are a brand and they are paid hefty sum of money to appear in advertisements. Their popularity amongst the fans help companies and brand reach a wider range of customers. But some times these ads tend to make people laugh with their comic timing. Here’s a look at them-

5- MS Dhoni in Pepsi ad

Back to the days when IPL just started and the South Indian flavour of Dhoni took everyone by surprise. In a pepsi advertisement, Dhoni was seen speaking in South Indian descent with funny dialogues.

Iam Ias Dhoni from Chennai, mind it. All you fast bowlers rascala, I have the bat, do you have the ball?”. After the dialogues, Dhoni is seen drinking the Pepsi in a superhero style. The ad ends with “Yeh hain youngistaan meri jaan, Mind it,” he said in the advertisement.

4- Feviquick ad

This ad do not feature any cricketer bit it has to be in the list. This ad is about the brand spreading peace but finds a comic timing within. The setup showed the famous retreat ceremony between India and Pakistan at Wagah-Attari border in Amritsar.

3- Pepsi ad featuring lion

The setup revolves around how Team India members brought Pepsi which was kept close to a lion. This advertisement was shot before 2003 World Cup in South Africa.

2- Rahul Dravid in jam advertisement

It was a perfect setup for Jammy to appear in a jam advertisement. The ad shows how Dravid was scolded by his mom for eating too much jam. Dravid changed his avatar differently to get his favourite jam.

1- Virender Sehwag’s learn some dance moves

Bollywood actor Ranbir Kapoor is seen teaching some funny dance moves to Virender Sehwag. The Indian opener could not imitate the steps but he used it on the cricket field and executed upar(upper) cut.

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