June 13, 2024

WWE may soon release more superstars to cut down their budget

WWE may soon release more superstars to cut down their budget

Since the Covid-19 pandemic started to haunt United States of America, WWE was bound to host shows behind the closed doors which made their profit a bit less and as a result, they were bound to release some superstars and other officials to cut down on their expenses.

Some bigger names like Big Show, Jeff Hardy, Adam Cole, Rusev and to name a few more were released after the pandemic forced no crowds at WWE arena’s. However, this is not the end of the story as WWE has planned to release more superstars in the coming time.

During the latest Bryan & Vinny & Granny & Craig Show, Bryan Alvarez noted that WWE will release the NXT superstars if they don’t see any improvements in them.

“You know what I heard today? I don’t have all of the details, but with NXT 2.0 they got the new deal where you got six months to get better in this shi**y program here. Who in the world could possibly get better in six months working no shows and just doing horrible stuff on television. But every six months they evaluate you and if you aren’t getting better then you like done for and apparently they’ve made some evaluations including some names you would know. So we might get some changes coming to NXT 2.0….not a cancellation, some people might be canceled.”

NXT superstars like Dakota Kai, Harland, Dexter Lumis, and Malcolm Bivens were recently released from WWEand only time will tell about the future of the current NXT roster.

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