May 28, 2022
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List of all the former WWE superstars who joined AEW

List of all the former WWE superstars who joined AEW

Gone are those days when WWE used to be a top wrestling promotion as they now have great competition in Tony Khan led All Elite Wrestling. WWE didn’t have much before competition before the existence of AEW as TNA lost its flavour. ROH, NJPW and Lucha Underground were some other notable wrestling promotions which were there, but never were a competition for Vince McMahon led promotion.

With the existence of AEW, wrestlers from WWE have a new option and if they don’t get good TV time, continuously gets buried by other wrestlers or are used mainly as a heel to promote upcoming talents, they ask for their release. However, WWE tries to lure them with good amount of contract money but some of the superstars prefer to switch promotions and boost their presence with a new brand like AEW. It is still time when AEW stands equal with the WWE but they need some great performers to reach that milestone. The newly formed promoters have got the services of several WWE superstars to help their cause, here’s a look at them-

Chris Jericho as Chris Jericho
Dean Ambrose as Jon Moxley
Cody Rhodes as Cody Rhodes
Matt Hardy as Matt Hardy
Luke Harper as Brodie Lee
Tye Dillinger as Shawn Spears
Goldust as Goldust
Jack Swagger as Jake Hager
Kharma as Awesome Kong
Brandi Rhodes as Brandi Rhodes
Neville as Pac

Other members

Jim Ross(JR)- commentator
Earl Hebner- referee
Billy Gunn- producer
Jake “the snake” Roberts- manager

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