April 19, 2024

Yonex GR303 badminton racket review and specifications

Yonex GR303 badminton racket review and specifications

Yonex GR303 badminton racket is an intermediate or for recreational players who are not much serious about the game. This racket may have been your first racket before you wanted to try out badminton as a professional. This is a head light racket with aluminum body and frame. The racket will cost you 400-500 rupees on online and offline platforms.

Buy this racket-Yonex racket GR303

Who should buy it ?
  • If you are a recreational or play occasionally, this racket is best for you.
  • If you are an beginner player who plays outdoor
  •  If you are just starting with the game
Specifications of the racquet
  • Grip Size: G3 (3.5 Inches)
  • Weight: 2U (95-99 grams)
  • Color: Multi
  • Head Shape: Isometric
  • Maximum String Tension: 20LBS
  • Strung Type: Strung at 14-16 LBS
  • Balance Type: Head Light
  • Playing Level: Recreational
  • Frame  Material: Aluminum
  • Joint: T joint racket
  • Shaft: Aluminum
For singles or doubles

As i said, this racket is made for occasional or recreational players so you can play singles and doubles with this racket comfortably. Don’t expect power and cheeky net plays from your racket because it’s just for simple play which is best suited in your lanes or parks.

Will it break ?

Nothing is permanent in this world but i used to play with this racket when i was not serious about this game and once i collided it on the ground and the frame lost its shape. The frame is not very strong and a simple jerk will break it or will destroy the shape. Also the T Joint means it won’t offer you much power and if you over-do with extra power, there is a high chance of racket breaking from the joint or from the grip handle.

Strings to use

This racket is so cheap that you can’t really gut it with high end string which may cost you more than the cost of this racket. However, if you are ambitious, you can gut it with Cosco strings. Buy here- Cosco Eco Gut

Conclusion and review

Don’t expect durability from this racket if you hit powerful shots and if you want power and durability, go with a racket with built in T joint or jointless racket. The frame is not really strong and i would recommend you to handle it with care. If you are not serious about the game and play it for fun, just go for it and you will love it surely but don’t expect much. All an all, Yonex GR303 badminton racket is one of the highest selling rackets and you can also follow the road more traversed by, after buying this racket.

Buy this racket- Yonex racket GR303

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