May 25, 2024

The Rock to make his debut Impact Wrestling appearance

The Rock to make his debut Impact Wrestling appearance

Retirement is just a temporary word in the world of pro wrestling. Many superstars retire and then come back for a one off appearance or a long in ring career, the recent example being of Edge. The Rated R superstar departed from the company in April 2011 due to neck and spine injury and it was reported that he will never get back to the ring.

One of WWE’s top superstar- The Rock has never forgotten his roots in WWE and continues to make one time appearances in the Vince McMahon led promotion. According to some reports, the retired superstar is set to return at next year’s Wrestlemania to challenge his brother Roman Reigns for Universal title. However, before the dream wrestling match happens, Rock is set to debut for Impact Wrestling on the request of Ken Shamrock.

Not to forget, Shamrock is a WWE and UFC legend who will be induced in Impact Wrestling hall of fame. The former Intercontinental champion with WWE asked The Rock to send him induction greeting as the two had an iconic feud during the Attitude Era.

“Hey brother I am being Inducted into the Impact Wrestling HOF I would be very grateful if you could send a Induction greeting. After all I believe my time with you was my greatest memories in Wrestling,” Ken Shamrock tweeted.

The Rock agreed to the request of Shamrock and allthough it will be a video appearance, Rock’s presence will be an achievement for Impact Wrestling.

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